“The greatest need of a human being is the need of belonging, which gives stability and certainty in all  aspects of life. Meeting Point International has discovered that with a belonging you can approach others while taking into account their reality and you can be able to truly embrace him/her whichever are the differences that separate you. MPI creates simple environments where each person can find it easier to belong, and experience love. (Rose)

Meeting Point International is a non-governmental organization registered with the Uganda NGO board. Active since October 1992, The Meeting Point International is directly offering Assistance to the victims suffering  of HIV/AIDS, Commitment in poverty alleviation, Promotion of education at all levels services to more than 2,000 women and 1,200 children.


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MPI invest on education in all levels and ways as an instrument for self-discovery, the method we wanted to discover is something that goes beyond school itself, discovering the correspondence between the real and our consciousness, discovering unitary hypothesis in the explanation of things.



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The unique strength of MPI is apparent
with the home visits. Everyone who works at Meeting Point International checks regularly on those who are sick in order to provide supportive care including help to bedridden patients and to provide adherence and compliance counselling at home.




There are many organizations in Kampala that serve the sick, impoverished, hungry. At Meeting Point International, the focus is not simply on the problem but also on the individual.Each new client is treated with love; MPI focuses on the value and dignity of every individual, ensuring that all needs are cared for while also activating one’s ability to feel pride and responsibility.




Acquiring new knowledge gives confidence, improves esteem and enables the women to carry on their daily work with pride. English lessons especially help women living in the Naguru and Acholi Quarters, who have often to face problems of language barriers. Students in the adult classes work very hard to make the most out of their education.



1488183335_tmp_IMG_9732HEAD CRAFTS

For years the women of MPI have been making necklaces. At the beginning it was used as part of handcraft together with making sweaters but later with support of AVSI Distant Support Program (DSP) it has become a way to sustain their families.



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