WHAT IS        WELCOMING HOUSE  ? WELCOMING HOUSE ; is a home to the abandoned children like in a real family. It was given this name because MPI wanted the children to feel at home and not in an orphanage. In this place children are taken care of with a loving gaze which allows them to grow up and become men and women aware of their value and dignity. With the support of the police, to trace the relatives of these children; if available, a family can offer the best form of care for a Read more [...]


“DESPITE THE CIRCUMSTANCES, HE WAS ABLE TO FIND HOPE.” Gashumba’s father is a Rwandese by race, he had lived and worked in Rwanda as a Chef but because of civil wars, he fled to Uganda in search of peace and access to better social services, and he later found a job working for AVSI Volunteers but later they had to leave for Italy and he was left unemployed, It was then that Rose Director Meeting Point International (MPI) saw him, and she employed him to work at her home. With a good relationship, Read more [...]

I have been educated on how to stay with people.

In Acholi quarter, Kireka, there's a rather exceptional woman named Akullu Margret. With a stunning smile she tells me she has always considered herself to be a lucky woman. She never went to school but, living with Women of Meeting Point International (MPI), she was being educated on how to stay with people, neighbours and even to do business.  She considers herself lucky ever since she met MPI, she has also started a business selling charcoal (used for cooking food) which enables her to earn Read more [...]

She emerged as the best student at Luigi Giussani High School

It was late evening when Priscilla had finished her work. She works as a cleaner at the Luigi Giussani Institute for Higher Education to support her siblings since she is the head of her family (though still so young). I have known Priscilla since she was 11 and started being supported by Meeting Point International (MPI) and this year, she scored 17/20 points in the Uganda National Examination Board (UNEB) emerging as the best student at the Luigi Giussani High School (LGHS). I desired to ask Read more [...]

I felt introduced to the new family. Dear Bright

Dear Bright, I thought I’d write to you to tell you how everything is going on both at School and in my life. I was born on 15th November 1992 in Kitgum district in the Northern part of Uganda. I am currently living in Naguru (Kampala) with my uncle who had invited me to stay with him and his family because of the insurgency that happened in northern Uganda. In the course of the civil war my parents died. As result, I had been confined in the camp, where I had been studying and I was in primary Read more [...]

Meeting Point International monthly Staff meetings held by Rose Busingye

                        Meeting Point International monthly Staff meetings held by Rose Busingye Rose; “….the main thing is to know what you really want. If you know what you really want, the child will not be a problem to you, because the need of the child is your need. We always look at the child outside our lives. We don’t look at the child and think that what the child needs is what I Read more [...]


In most Ugandan schools, there is a day that is dedicated to sports activities, it is called “sports day”. Usually, the students are divided into groups called houses to which a name is dedicated. The students compete through these houses in co-curricular activities organized by the school. On such days, students show their talents, strengthen their relationship with teachers and express their love and passion for the houses they belong to. Usually, after such days, vivid memories remain Read more [...]

Visiting families

                          On our way from the stone quarrying, despite the hotness of the sun… we moved home to home visiting our families. We went there not like the best educators nor like experts but as a friend who wants to stay with them in their daily life.   Read more [...]


 HIV/AIDS DIALOGUE                            Florence , 43 years old.  Sometimes I could wake up and look at my children, and think of the value that Rose always remind to us. Without hesitations, I take my ARVs (antiretroviral drugs) and I think to myself “I need to live and for my children too. We had an HIV/AIDs dialogue with Aunt Rose, she taught us how to stay in front of the Read more [...]