Farewell for Francesca Peverelli at ITANDA It was a beautiful month June, four buses carrying 130 women and children headed to ITANDA falls in JINJA district to bid farewell to Francesca who had been a volunteer at MEETING POINT INTERNATIONAL for about one year. When Alberto and Aunt Rose arrived with Francesca, the women were already singing and dancing full of excitement while other women and children were looking at the waterfalls; women danced and sang different types of songs and danced. Read more [...]


CODICE KIR 1519  BERNARD KAYEMBA 5/11/2016                               ( The Sponsor of KAYEMBA BENARD in the photos.) Yesterday has been one great day for me and my husband because we received your photos with your grandmother and we saw the new bicycle and other things and we saw your smile so nice that our heart was full of happiness. We are very happy to help you and your family we like to go by bicycle and we are glad that you too can walk around with the Read more [...]


IS A RADIO-CONTROLLED CAR WHAT YOU NEED? Ronald is a boy supported by AVSI through Meeting Point International; he received a gift money, a little amount of money to spend for buying what he needs. He lives in a Welcoming House, he shares everything with other Children there because he is so charming, despite is goodness he lacked clothing. That’s why Rose looked at the gift money an opportunity for him. Rose took him to the supermarket and showed him many useful things that thought he needed: Read more [...]


                  Looking at the bicycle smiling, he started talking to his grandmother endlessly a sign of gratitude for what he had received. He didn’t know cycling, for him having it at that moment seemed forever.  compiled Jude  Read more [...]


Christmas with MPI women (Interview with Rose Busingye (Director MPI) with Lumanyika Bright) Before this New Year of 2016, I heard about the Christmas Celebration that the women of MPI had at Luigi Giussani High school. What roused in me was the desire to know really what had happened on that day; I couldn’t hide from that fact that had happened, it was such a disturbance that left me yearning to go deeper.  It was for me too that moment and what dominated was nothing but the desire to relive Read more [...]


During Christmas holidays, a group of Italian sponsors came to Kampala to visit Meeting Point International and Luigi Giussani schools.  One of them is called Lorenzo; he started sponsoring Luigi Giussani schools before he even saw where his effort was going, all this was because of the friendship with Rose Busingye (the Director of MPI). He met her in Italy and he decided to involve himself with what this woman has built in Kampala. Reaching Kampala and realizing the concrete impact of his contribution Read more [...]


Working to collect the documents for the Distant Support Program of AVSI, MPI’s (Meeting Point International’s) social workers have the occasion to look at the impact that our work have on vulnerable children supported. Two times a year the donor has to be updated with information about the child supported and the Social Worker plays a key role in this communication: he or she is the one in charge of building the bridge between two different cultures in order to show how the money provided has Read more [...]

Report on the two refugees families from Rwanda via Congo, then Uganda.

Through a friend called Francine working in the Italian Embassy, MS. Rose Busingye (director of Meeting Point International was able to know about the two refugee families. She was moved by their situation and in this way she sent social workers to follow up these families and to find ways how they can be helped. We found that, these two families (10 members) originate from Rwanda in central and East Africa. They left Rwanda because of the inter-tribal war between the Hutu (majority) and the Read more [...]

Report of child letter exercise at both Luigi giussani High school and Luigi Giussani pre-primary and primary school.

Children writing letters, poems, stories and draw good pictures. Child Letter Exercise is an activity where children share their life experiences to the sponsors who support them in education. They write letters, poems, stories and draw good pictures expressing their happiness to their beloved sponsors. This activity started on 1 /11/2015. We started with the candidate classes of senior four and senior six of Luigi Giussani High School. It was very easy for us to deal with these students because Read more [...]

Abandoned children find 3 families among the women of Kireka Acholi Quarter.

“The heart of man is one and it is the same in Italy, in Uganda and in every place.  When you know that you have a value, you know that also the others have a value”. Three children were abandoned by their mother and left to their paternal grandmother who is old and also vulnerable. The social worker of MPI Teddy was informed of this situation by a neighbour of the grandmother and she was concerned about the health’ condition of the three children that are 7 years old, 2 years old and 7 Read more [...]