Before I joined the movement, I was someone who had lost track of life. I was living just for the sake of the things that were happening. When I joined Luigi Giussani High school my mother asked me if I can join the school of Community. At that time, everything for me was nothing, I asked my mother to let me judge about what to do or not. By then my elder brother (Ocaka) who was different among many of my brothers asked me to give it a try. My first time everything seemed to be confusing but I remember only one thing that Aunt Rose said that if one gains value, one looks at everything even the most useless things with the value. Meaning that “everything gains value”.

I decided to go back to the school of the community for that one thing that I heard from Aunt Rose but every time it seemed not enough because everything began to correspond, giving meaning to my life. The affection towards the community school grow and I can say with certainty that life is beautiful to live.

Published by Lumanyika Jude

March, 2014

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