Paulina’s Journey with Meeting Point International

Story by Lwamaza Isiko Shalifu

Kampala, 21st June 2023

Paulina’s journey with Meeting Point International (MPI) began in the a very difficult moment of her life. In the year 2000, she found herself trapped in an abusive marriage, enduring regular mistreating from her husband. Living with their six children in a small, unwholesome house, Paulina’s survival depended solely on the mercy of God.

The abuse Paulina endured was not limited to physical violence. Her husband’s infidelity exposed her to HIV/AIDS, plunging her into deep despair and hopelessness. The weight of her situation often led her to contemplate ending her own life.

However, one day, a ray of hope pierced through the darkness, when Paulina heard a radio announcement about an organization that offered support to HIV-positive individuals. That organization was Meeting Point International (MPI).

MPI’s social worker Shalifu talking to Paulina in Kireka

Summoning her courage, Paulina made the decision to seek help from MPI. To her relief, she was warmly welcomed by Auntie Rose Busingye, the executive director, and the compassionate women of MPI.

Being a resident of Kireka, Paulina was afraid of joining MPI Kireka because she thought she would be judged by her community. For that reason, she used to go to the Naguru offices. After some time, she realized she had no reason to be afraid because the women in Kireka were one happy family. She later was able to shift to Kireka and fully participate in the MPI activities.

Under the guidance of Auntie Rose and her teachings, Paulina began to realize her worth. She discovered that her sickness and circumstances did not define her or diminish her value as a person.

Motivated by this newfound self-awareness, Paulina committed to taking her medication consistently. Additionally, Meeting Point International provided education scholarships for her children, giving them opportunities for a brighter future.

Despite the painful loss of her husband, Paulina has emerged as a beacon of hope. She shares her story with others, offering encouragement and support to those infected and affected by HIV/AIDS. Through her own transformation, she embodies the message that there is hope even in the midst of despair, and that this hope only comes from a relationship where one is looked at with infinite love.

Paulina’s journey with Meeting Point International has shown that with this love and this belonging, every person can rise above adversity and find hope, strength, and a renewed sense of purpose.

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