Meeting Point International staff members at Wandera Gorreti’s baby shower

Wandera Gorreti’s story is proof of the enduring human spirit, a radiant tale of resilience and discovering one’s value. Though her smile was her shield, behind it lay a secret battle, a husband’s rejection, homelessness and the weight of a pregnancy doubted by family members but Gorreti wasn’t defined by these hardships.

She is a social worker at Meeting Point International (MPI), a mother of two and one of the students who were supported by MPI through education. Before the Luigi schools were built, she was a student at Kireka High a partner of MPI to date.

Anyone that joins MPI testifies that Goretti is one of the happiest people they have ever met. She always has a joke up her sleeves, little can one realise that behind her charming smile, she carries a story known by very few people.

“I joined the organisation in July 2023 after my husband kicked me out of our house for reasons known to himself and surprisingly, he did this knowing I was also pregnant with his child,” states Gorreti.

Her husband advised her to undertake an abortion, upon Goretti’s refusal, the husband chased her from home when she was just seven weeks pregnant. Gorreti was left in melancholy and homelessness. It was at this moment that she approached Rose Busingye for emotional support.

Baby Kayongo Malaika Rosella

Rose encouraged Gorreti to focus on giving birth as well as apply for a job opportunity as a social worker at MPI, which she successfully attained. “Meeting Point International welcomed and loved me unconditionally in the most difficult times,” Gorreti happily says as this marked the beginning of a fresh start for her.

Goretti struggled a bit to settle in an accommodation with a conducive environment due to her condition. Nevertheless, the opportunity to work in a place filled with love and no judgement from people at her workplace, happy people, people who recognized her as a value and never defined her by her problems and the little life in her womb is what brought her the utmost joy. “I never feel unhappy at work. My colleagues at work were so welcoming and gave me the care I needed and that continuously drives me to work every single day,” says Gorreti.

“Being a child of Meeting Point International, I have always heard of stories about value and I had never understood what it meant till I was faced with this condition regardless of the seemingly perfect marriage,” she continues.

She later on started staying with her mother where she received immense compassion from her colleagues and her hospital bills were taken care of by Rose Busingye. The latter also referred Goretti to St. Francis Hospital, Nsambya where she managed to give birth to a baby girl– Kayongo Malaika Rosella. Gorreti’s story is proof that everyone needs a place where they belong and this place will always help you overcome and stand strong in the darkest of times. When we embrace our inner strength we can bloom yet again and I hope everyone finds “A place where they belong”.

Written by Catherine Namirimu

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