The administrative headquarters of Meeting Point International is located in Kitintale. The Kitintale office is responsible for the tracking of children under sponsorship, the repayment of loans, distribution of medicine and allocation of donated funds. In a newly remodeled facility with office rooms, and a courtyard for gatherings clients, visitors and volunteers will always find a Meeting Point International employee with a welcoming smile. Click here to get directions

The Naguru offices of MPI are located in a small primary school. Across the field stands the old Meeting Point International building, where meetings, dances, health education and literacy classes are held every Monday and Wednesday.Click here to get directions

Kireka is constantly evolving. The continuous flow of migrants from northern Uganda, mostly of Acholi descent, has given this area its’ nick-name of “The Acholi Quarter.” In their songs, the women of MPI affectionately call it “New York City”. Women gather there during the day to make necklaces and dance; while other men and women come for literacy classes.Click here to get directions



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