Vocational Training and Job creation

  • Apprenticeship program

The Apprenticeship Programme is a job skills training process for youth since a majority of them have few skills, little education (school dropouts), and hardly any employment opportunities which poses challenges to the community and the nation. The Apprenticeship Programme is one of MPI’s strategies to increase self-employment by equipping the youths with hands on training courses like welding, tailoring, electrical installation among others through partnering with companies or operating workshops. The youth enrolled do an on-job training, assessed and attain a qualification document at the end of the course (Certificate).

  • Agri-preneurship skills training.

MPI supports different agricultural activities on Ssonde farm, a 2.45-acre area located in Ssonde, a small village in Misindye Parish in Mukono District. The farm basically deals with urban and extensive Horticulture, poultry, piggery, and rabbit production. Through our different projects and partnerships, we train youths and students in the above-mentioned value chains to promote employable skills for them in Agri-preneurship.

Currently, MPI is in collaboration with the AVSI foundation to support and skill 80 youth and 94 high school students in horticulture, poultry, and piggery production for a period of 3 years. The trainees’ skills are then assessed by the Directorate of Industrial Training (DIT) and awarded a certificate at the end of each training as evidence that they possess the skills and competencies required to perform tasks in the occupation of choice.

This project will enhance the employability of youth of working age, and increase the number of youth choosing agriculture as a career path or main economic area of engagement and hence enable and strengthen an environment that promotes and facilitates agri-skilling and creation of employment opportunities for youth in agribusiness will be strengthened. The youth are followed up to ensure that they are employed or motivated to start up their own businesses.