Luigi Giussani High School, the latest “flower” born from Father Giussani

Rose: This is the latest “flower” born from Father Giussani

“The project of the Luigi Giussani High School was started because we wanted the kids, like the adults, to understand their true value. Our intention was therefore to see if our experience could educate, and so we wanted that what began with their mothers, who have discovered the value of their lives, could continue in the children as well”. Rose Busingye, the founder of Meeting Point International in Kampala, Uganda, says this about the Luigi Giussani High School, a new secondary school built in the capital of Uganda, in the district of Kireka, which will open on February 3. “The mothers participated and are helping even now, even doing strenuous manual labor. Our intention was precisely to create this wonderful place for companionship and belonging to ensure that these children can discover themselves,” Rose says.
And all of this was possible thanks to the many necklaces made of recycled paper by the women of the Meeting Point…
When a person finds herself, when she realizes her value, then everything that she touches acquires a value and becomes present. The most important thing is her discovery that she is not defined by poverty and disease, and when she discovers the infinite value of herself, then, at that point she can do anything, even necklaces. There is a moment where you feel thrown into reality as a fighter, and nothing scares you any longer because you know to whom you belong. Afterwards, everything becomes easier, through the flourishing of this belonging.
On May 21, 2010 you laid the first stone?
Yes, but our stones have the uncanny ability to take root, grow and even make flowers! The school can accommodate 400 children, from twelve to eighteen years old, and in the coming years, this number will grow to 600. The building has twelve classrooms on three floors, some office space and laboratories. Children become the protagonists here, in a place where they can experience education and human growth.
This is also thanks to the mothers, who have done everything to ensure a future for their children, right?
Education begins with the family, the most important thing, and for this reason the Meeting Point has created these small communities where the women greet the kids as real children, even if they often are not their actual children, in order to create an essential and fundamental relationship. We do not know how it will go in the future, but the fact that even one child can discover the value they have is a great success for us.
What can you tell us about the great solidarity that was created for this project?
The school project was carried out thanks to the many friends who have supported us not only economically but also psychologically. They gave us the strength to continue and helped us in building this wonderful school. They have also contributed substantial funding, but I believe that where there the heart is, there are also funds. On February 3, we will inaugurate the school, and all the women are preparing many things for the big event. Many friends will also be coming from Italy and Spain, together with the Apostolic Nuncio, who will baptize the children and give his blessing, as he did on the occasion of the laying of the first stone.
What does it mean for you to see the school named after Luigi Giussani?
The merit for the school is not only ours, but is because the work of Don Gius [as Rose calls Don Giussani, ed] continues and is always present. His first mission was in the schools and, as we continue to try to carry out his intentions, we saw right away that his charism continued to influence us and change us. Basically, I think it is possible to live happily only by savouring the charism of Don Giussani because it is made purposely for man, but unfortunately man often goes in the opposite direction.