Farewell for Francesca Peverelli at ITANDA

It was a beautiful month June, four buses carrying 130 women and children headed to ITANDA falls in JINJA district to bid farewell to Francesca who had been a volunteer at MEETING POINT INTERNATIONAL for about one year. When Alberto and Aunt Rose arrived with Francesca, the women were already singing and dancing full of excitement while other women and children were looking at the waterfalls; women danced and sang different types of songs and danced.  Shortly at the glance of Francesca, women ran to carry her up and turned around dancing.

Francesca did not know that it was her farewell as one whom they were about to miss in few days to come although they would still remain in her heart.

After along dance, at lunch time both the women and children sat together ate food. When all the people had eaten, youths sung some songs and shared their experience about MEETING POINT INTERNATIONAL, women too shared some experiences. One of the youth, Polycarp said before he joined LUIGI GIUSSANI HIGH SCHOOL, he was a boy who used to join in fight, he did not see anything good in the person even in himself but as he was talking at the moment he is one of those people who has changed completely. Whenever he could see anybody fighting he comes in to stop it. Ever since he became aware of himself, he is totally a changed person.

Another lady by name Francina was also happy and gave her witness saying that she has found a home in MEETING POINT INTERNATIONAL she has found a happiness and good friends. Francina added that she used to be sick but Aunt Rose treated her heart and body, mind and opened her eyes.

She thanked Francesca that she has also become a friend to all the women. “You were sent to a good soil, you got the best mother Aunt Rose. Tell the people there about the love you found in MPI” said Francina to Francesca. Francesca told the women that she was going to miss the women but she added that she found a home In MEETING POINT INTERNATIONAL and more so the awareness of herself. She had also discovered her value.

Written by

 Teddy Bongomini





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                              ( The Sponsor of KAYEMBA BENARD in the photos.)

Yesterday has been one great day for me and my husband because we received your photos with your grandmother and we saw the new bicycle and other things and we saw your smile so nice that our heart was full of happiness.

We are very happy to help you and your family we like to go by bicycle and we are glad that you too can walk around with the new bike we know that you are good student and you are very sharp we know also that your dream is to become a pilot but we don’t know if you want to became pilot of car or bike. We would like to know this we hope to receive your letter soon

You are our little angel!!!

elisa ilario.

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Kayemba Benard and the grand mother) .

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Ronald is a boy supported by AVSI through Meeting Point International; he received a gift money, a little amount of money to spend for buying what he needs. He lives in a Welcoming House, he shares everything with other Children there because he is so charming, despite is goodness he lacked clothing. That’s why RosKIR-0572 2e looked at the gift money an opportunity for him. Rose took him to the supermarket and showed him many useful things that thought he needed: underwear, raincoat, schoolbag…but the Ronald wasn’t convinced on something else that Rose showed him, Rose didn’t notice the fact he had seen before a red radio controlled car.

Ronald needed nothing else but the red radio car controller, Rose gave him time to choose among the numerous alternatives. In the end Ronald chose the schoolbag but at the moment of paying Rose realized that he was sad, she understood that the bag was far from what he desired.  She told him to go and take what he needed. He run faster than he could and in one second, he was back with a car in his hands.he needed a lot of things but a car was the only thing he desired.

When Rose was asked why she bought something that the boy did not need she reply «A boy play up only when he is aware of being loved, if he or she is intimidated in front of someone he would not have the courage to ask for something. What the boy was asking is the aim of the iceberg of the awareness he has to be loved despite all the limitation he has. The fact that an orphan is aware to be loved till the freedom of play up is the defeat of poverty and abandonment»

written by Francesca