Meeting Point International (MPI) is a non-government organization registered with the Uganda NGO board. Active since October 1992, we work primarily in the Nakawa division of Kampala. Our administrative offices are based in Kitintale. Working here in Uganda we have become a part of the experiences that are lived, like a dear friend to whom one would find solace and a belonging with; MPI has grown to an integral part in the lives of thousands of families.

MPI has become known for its unique approach to HIV/AIDS which places a person’s inherent value and dignity as being of greater importance than any of his/her circumstances. We have found out that acceptance of disease has become a key to our success. The knowledge that the virus that causes HIV/AIDS is harmful to more than an individual’s physical wellbeing, has helped us build an approach that goes far beyond physical support. We strive to end the stigma associated with disclosure by accepting everybody as they are and encouraging open and honest discussions about the disease.

Through the peer-based approach, our staff utilizes home visits, community talks, drama performances, and songs to reach out to the sick. Patients who may have felt alone, ashamed, guilty or scared are given an opportunity to feel supported, loved, and feel like they are truly a part of other people’s lives.

By providing a living example to their peers, the clients of MPI offer an encouragement whose strength goes far deeper than a solely technical intervention could. MPI invests in education as an avenue for self-discovery: it is a way for individuals to find their own worth and pride which comes with great human responsibility. Education gives hope for those who find themselves in times of great need but, most of all, education for us is the greatest need of man that when responded to, can result in the development of a mature mentality that can last a lifetime.

The reason for our work is not merely to alleviate suffering, but to create dignity and lasting relationships that foster happiness, good health, and gaze at the fullness of the human person.

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