Mission and Vision


For every person to discover their infinite value and dignity, through a journey towards their own human development and that of their communities.


Meeting Point International aims at continuously accompanying every person and community, prioritising  the victims of HIV/AIDS, promoting education at all levels and committing to poverty alleviation.

Letter from Rose about our approach 

“The greatest need of a human being is the need for belonging, which gives stability and certainty in all aspects of life. Meeting Point International has discovered that with a belonging you can approach others while taking into account their reality and you can be able to truly embrace him/her whichever are the differences that separate you. MPI creates simple environments where each person can find it easier to belong and experience love. The value of the person is only possible when paying attention to something greater. The support we give is an instrument to tell these people that they have a value and that they are responsible for it. MPI did not invent this method but even scientific studies have proved this method of ours works. Depriving a person of love and belonging causes physical and functional harm. Having this in mind, my work in MPI is to create or try to create original structures of the values and meaning where each one can develop and discover himself. MPI becomes a place where each can be himself, where an individual can express himself freely and live a constant comparison with his own humanity. The person who belongs becomes the protagonist because he receives a face, and receives a consciousness that unites him with the reality, he becomes the lord of the reality not because he posses it himself, but because he discovers the belonging to someone else. Belonging to a design that is not yours, that is to say, belonging to somebody else, you become free.”