Livelihood and Economic strength

Income Generating Activities (IGAs)

Meeting Point International and the active participation of the beneficiaries have put emphasis on assisting women and youths living in Naguru and Kireka slums of Kampala to secure and increase their Household income through their own efforts by creating, developing, and supporting their income-generating activities (IGAs). This intervention covers initiatives like small business promotion and job creation schemes for the identified OVC Households like operating small stakes (selling vegetables, silverfish, onions, fried pancakes, etc.), selling food products in shops, and engagement in small poultry businesses. Thanks to our donors.















The VSLA program is an effective way MPI promotes to help improve the entrepreneurial capacity of women. The VSLAs are organized and managed by the women themselves. Members attend weekly meetings to save together, take up loans with smaller interest rates compared to those of other financial institutions, to start up IGAs, and invest in their already existing businesses. All activities are carried out in full view of the entire association to build trust and create transparency among members. Currently, 15 MPI VSLA women groups, each consisting of at least 28- 30 members, exist in Naguru and Kireka slums. MPI social workers do monthly follow-ups of these groups to monitor and evaluate how each group is doing and take up records to guide the group members.















The VSLA members are engaged in financial literacy training like refresh trainings on record keeping and loan returns, SPM (Selection, Planning, and Management) training which equip them with knowledge and skills necessary to select and invest their money in an appropriate IGA, plan the start-up of the IGA putting in mind all the financial factors, and manage their business’s risks and cash flow effectively.




















  • Arts and Crafts

For years, the women of MPI have been making necklaces. Using recycled colored paper, the women make beads that are then used to produce intricate necklaces, bracelets, and earrings, bags, craft shoes, and other products. Through this activity, the women spend time together and the therapeutic outcome that results from sitting together and making these necklaces together is immeasurable. The women can now feed and take care of their children and families. MPI’s intervention and partners link the women to national and international markets hence improving their livelihoods.