Who we are

Meeting Point International (MPI) is a Ugandan Non Government Organization founded by Rose Busingye in 1993 and registered in 2003. Its main activity is the care of people affected and infected by HIV/AIDS and of their orphans in four slums situated in Kampala namely Naguru, Kireka, Ntinda and Nsambya.

Where MPI’s experience come from?

MPI was born from Rose’s encounter with father Luigi Giussani, an Italian priest who founded the catholic movement of Communion and Liberation.

“I personally felt free as a person, I felt great, protagonist of reality only because someone, Luigi Giussani, revealed me who I am. I will never forget my first encounter with him. He did not know me, what could he see in me? It was evident I was nothing, instead I felt embraced and desired. It was as if his gaze was telling me: “I want to stay with you, you have an infinite value”. Everything has born from that gaze. In that gaze I discovered that I am not defined by my limits but by my personal relationship with God who makes me and makes me as an infinite desire of Him.


In that gaze, the belonging to Christ and to His Church has become experience, experience of a bond who defines me for ever and that manifest Himself in everything I am and do. That gaze has established the content and the method of my work: communicate the “Commozione” (being moved) for the infinite greatness of everybody existence and offer the same companionship towards the Destiny who embrace my life. “
(Rose Busingye)